Recent Reviews

My best friend told me about Vigoroom. What a great product! I've slept poorly for as long as I can remember. So I tried Shawn Quinlivan's sleep program and for the first time in years, I'm getting a decent night's sleep. Almost every night. I'm feeling so much more alive and refreshed and energized. My husband and kids have noticed the difference.
Cindy Wear
Salt Lake City, Utah
If you want to get all your health needs taken care of in one place, Vigoroom is for you. I'm doing the weight loss plan and I really like the emphasis on healthy, clean eating. I'm also using different exercise programs. Yumi Lee really pushes you with her boot camps. And Adrienne Reed's yoga videos are top-notch. I also used Christine Luken's money program and that's been really helpful in getting my finances in better shape. Thanks for putting all these great experts and programs together.
Bob Mc Mahon
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I needed to make a major change in how I lived my life. The last few years have been challenging and I'd put on more than a few extra pounds. Vigoroom has helped me get back in shape and live way healthier. The fitness trainers are amazing. Really motivational. And the food program makes a lot of sense and doesn't leave me feeling hungry or deprived. I'm so thankful that I discovered your product.
Kathy Brawner
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vigoroom is fantastic! Working out online with LA trainers like Ron Mathews and Yumi Lee is amazing. And when I'm driving home from work, I really like listening to Laura Fredrick's money wellness audios. Her energy is great and I've learned a lot about how I deal with money - both good and bad! Really happy to be a member!
James Tucker
Baltimore , Maryland
I am so happy I found Vigoroom. The experts take a really interesting approach. It's not just do this, do that, count this, count that. There's this whole mindfulness element that seems to run through many of the programs I've tried - stress reduction, sleep support, financial health. It works for me cause I've seen a whole bunch of things in my life start falling into place. Plus I like getting outdoors and walking and love having Kathy Smith as my personal trainer.
Celeste Walker
Phoenix, Arizona
I was looking for something that would shake things up in my life. I'd been stuck in a rut and not living healthy. I stumbled onto Vigoroom when I saw a Facebook post about it. It's made a big difference for me. I'm not in great shape, but there are exercises that are gentle enough that I can do them. And I've dropped a good bit of weight using the weight loss program. Vigoroom has helped get me back on track and I'm feeling a lot better for it.
Adele Jenkins
Tampa, Florida